Sunday, May 27, 2007

Soon, the work begins..

I have not had much time up unti now to work on my project, much less to blog about it. So: "Hey there, fellow Coders of Summer!" and of course to whoever else is reading this: "Welcome. Wait, what are you doing here?!".

First a small introduction for the folks over at Planet SoC:
My name is Andreas Scholta and this summer I will be working on an improved game script bytecode decompiler for ScummVM. And if that wasn't exciting enough, I will be using Scheme as my language of choice, at least for prototyping that is. Because this is my first time applying for/participating in SoC I do feel lucky and elated for me to have made it this far. Naturally, the blunt of work is still ahead and I hope I am able to successfully complete my project by the end of this summer.

Work is officially supposed to begin tomorrow and hence I have finally taken the time to talk to my mentor about basic project infrastructure things. As a result a SVN branch has been set up and a wiki account was created, which I will use for project internal progress reports and possibly for documentation of specific ideas.

Much thanks goes out to the people who have encouraged me (some indirectly) to take part in this beautiful endeavour and whose silent support up to and loud cheers upon my admission filled me with motivation and a subtle anxiety to finally be able to get to work. You know who you are.

For now, what else is there to say but..
Happy Hacking!


mithro said...

Cool to see somebody who actually knows Scheme!

If you have some spare time, we could really use a scheme developer over at Thousand Parsec (a framework for building 4x space empire games). We use a subset of scheme as the language for server side description about properties (You can find our more information here and here).

Even if you don't have much time, we would love to just have you come and idle with us on irc://

Good luck with your work!

S├ębastien said...

Hey !
I'm currently starting a SCUMM resource file decompiler. Currently images, costumes, and sounds are exported, as well as other useful information :) My ultimate goal is to create a SCUMM compiler, which means I have to fully understand the fileformat... and your work on the SCUMM script decompiler would definitely help ! Any luck so far ?

S├ębastien said...

By the way, my mail is
sronsse at g mail dot com