Monday, October 22, 2007

outgoing message

a long time has passed since we first met, first knew each other;
since I loved you. in a way, i still do. you have prolonged my life
back in 2001, given me strength to prove to myself what i can be worth
and what i carry within. i can not take this lightly and for all i
have become, all i could have become, you have my eternal thanks.
i would have liked to talk to you again, about our respective directions
in life, about the past, about the things that have happened to us
since our sad parting. my story would surely have fallen short.
i trust that you still carry yourself with the grace that i fell in
love with, so vividly remember, and that you are slowly but steadily
fulfilling your dreams. it is my wish that you do.

love, andreas

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